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Free U.S. Shipping! Code: THANKS20  for 20% off- Shop Now!

Smell & Smile

The Candy Couture California Story

CCC is a luxurious and fun lifestyle brand with that extraordinary and unique touch, bringing California style, spirit and attitude to customers all over the world. Our one-of-a-kind scent infused designs are mainly derived from an aromatherapy bundle that will trigger your sensory experiences like touch, sight, and smell. CCC is the only one of its kind, a casual luxury brand with the potential to improve your health or mood. Our founder, Sara Kissing is a creative multi-talent and serial entrepreneur. She studied Art and Graphic Design and has been an accredited Creative Director for almost two decades. Yoga, practicing mindfulness and aromatherapy is an integral part of her life.

CCC was established in August 2019 in California, but the idea to design scent infused T-Shirts that are fun, sassy and have healing benefits was already developed in 2011 while she was still working in the e-commerce fashion industry. Being surrounded by fashion, there was something missing. The one extraordinary fashion brand that offered something different than just a standard T-Shirt in their portfolio. The challenge was to develop a T-Shirt with a unique differentiator (scent) that can be worn day-to-day, but also on the weekends or when going out. The combination of high quality, extravagance, fun, aromatherapy and creativity is the essence of CCC.

At CCC we have a passion for creativity and we are meticulous about details. The packaging of each shirt in a resealable bag, to keep the fragrance, is functional and at the same time luxurious in its design. We took our time to do intensive market research to tailor our products to the wishes of our customers. We want our customers to identify with our brand and have a positive experience when they buy, smell and wear our fashion. Feel free to reach out if you have a favorite or even crazy scent idea. We would love to hear your ideas.

Scent Technology

How it Works

First, we come up with a design. Our designs and artwork are strictly in-house. Everything is unique and fresh. The designs are printed on light-weight, exceptional quality, and soft shirts with a scent-infused gel application that gives off a delicate, mild smell - just enough to boost your mood.


Giving Back

For every item sold in our shop we set aside 1% of sales for organizations that matter.

Scene Story

A Brief History & Importance of Scent

The term “aromatherapy” wasn’t used until the 20th century, but the use of aromatic oils and aromatic botanicals dates back thousands of years. The Chinese culture was one of the first to use aromatic plants to enhance their well-being. They burned incense as their method to promote wellness. They were certainly on to something. Several studies have found that fragrances help promote positive psychological effects. Not to mention, aromatherapy can help with sleep, increasing circulation, boost cognitive performance, and more. Aromatherapy is widely practiced in England, France, in addition to the United States. Cosmetic and medicinal industries are gradually increasing their use of aromatherapy as well.